Which Hand Should you Double in Online Poker?

Which Hand Should you Double in Online Poker

Let’s face it, this is the question in every online poker player’s head, almost all the time. According to the fundamental theorem of poker, you must play each hand, as if you could see the hidden cards of your opponents.

Every time you play your hands differently then whenever you see their cards, you lose money.

Of course, this goal is unattainable. What you really need to do is go into positive situations with EV. The expected value will tell you exactly in which hands you should act, and in which hands – to play. The easiest way to decide on a deal as quickly as possible is to compare the pot odds with the probability of the deal you are waiting for. If the latter is better than the previous one, you must call (or increase, if proportionality between the two types of probabilities requires it), if not, you must eliminate it. A classic example would be a flush of four cards with a flop on the table. If the guy in front of you collected 10 dollars in the bank for 40 dollars, you will have to call. If the bank were more than 40 dollars, this would be an even better solution. The probability that you will get $ 50 in a well will be 5-1. The chance that you are 9-outs (that is, discarding four cards) is 4.66-1. This is better than the pot odds, so calling is justified.

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You should be able to assess similar situations at lightning speed. One way to do this is to count the results as quickly as possible. Be careful with this part, as the number of outs may be more than you think. Many times you are in color design, but at the same time, you also create a ladder. Do not forget to add these cards to your outs. You may be looking for a color, a ladder or a trio: once again, do not be blinded by the most obvious possibility. To correctly calculate your probabilities, you must consider ALL of your results in the game of ceme online.

Another important thing to consider with regard to the method Introduced earlier in the following: the expected value calculated in the previous example is intended only for the displacement graph. You can also make your own color in the river if you lack the progress. To get a more accurate description of your probabilities, you need to calculate effective probabilities. In essence, this is done by recalculating the probabilities of the well in accordance with the money that is likely to be in the well for the river, and the money that you will have to deposit. Add your pot odds and the odds that your hand will be on each of the remaining two cards, and your odds will be effective.

In addition to the discussed types of probabilities, there are also implicit probabilities. You have these probabilities for small pairs. Calculate implicit probabilities, although this is a more complicated problem. 

In summary

In addition to the above factors, you must also remember that at some point you may be left out, even if you make your hand. For this, the ability to read the betting patterns of your opponents is extremely important. Think about the rake, as well as the offer of the rakeback you are playing with.