The Historical Root Of Casinos

World of Casinos

A Gambling Man

Gambling is a primal instinct. Not just with Man, but many animals have also shown the tendency to gamble. Predators stalking pray often gamble on the best fail-safe approach to hunt the pray successfully. A Tiger works out the possible chances of a successful kill, though more often than not, the chase ends in failure. The pray on the other hand works out possible avenues of escape as it seeks to evade the predator, often gambling on zigzagging across the path of escape to avoid the predator. It is therefore not surprising that the origins of the Modern Casino go back thousands of years. Evidence has been found of Paleolithic Man rolling the bones in their underground habitats as a form of ancient gambling during idle hours. While the exact origin of gambling is unknown, the Chinese recorded the first known description of gambling as early as 2300 B.C. our early practices of gambling has finally resulted in the development of Casinos, where bright lights, comfortable settings, soothing music and fine dining are added attractions. The first Casinos, as we know them, seem to have originated from Italy, from luxury gambling sessions being held in “casas” or “vilas” of wealthy patrons. Appearing first in the 17th century, 1638 to be precise, the ‘Ridotto’ provided a legal and controlled gaming situation, that led to the wide acceptance of casinos legally, instead of the wild and illegal gambling dens that had previously dotted Europe. The history 카지노사이트 would be incomplete without the mention of the oldest Casino in the world, Casino di Venezia, which resided in a palace that is also the final resting place of the great composer Richard Wagner.

World of Casinos

Casinos Through History

While Venice features as the home of the first casino of the world,it (i.e. Casinos) was originally meant to provide a controlled environment in which the well healed could freely indulge in their love of gambling and other luxuries in a trouble free atmosphere. Butit tookupto the late 18th and 19th centuries to actually propel the word Casino all over mainland Europe. Casinos especially sprouted in glamorous health resorts and watering places like Monte Carlo, Baden and Wisbaden. These Casinos were housed in buildings that were actual palaces and the elite class really enjoyed their games of cards in comfort. The History of Casinos on the other side of the ocean was much rougher, and they took a long time to enter the Wild West. Here, the old Salon bars were the homes of, not just gambling, but also of virulent drinking and violence. First Las Vegas and then Los Angeles, burst into the world of Casinos from 1905.