Pok Kao In 2021: The Most-favorite Card Game In Thailand

If you are familiar with the game Pok Deng or Pok Kao, perhaps, you might be playing with the popular poker game. But, The rumors saying that the said game is illegal and prohibited in the country remains a big question. Why do other players say that they have been playing the game for a while, yet they are not caught? Still, they continue playing and winning big prizes. ป๊อกเด้ง has been the most favorited card game in Thailand, as well as to some other card players online. Playing the card game is easy and fun, especially if you are a registered player in a casino. You will receive all the benefits associated with the said game.

How is it played?

When you live in Thailand and a regular player in a casino, no doubt, you have tried playing the game. If you say that you are playing Pok Kao or Pok Paed Pok Gao, then you are playing Pok Deng. It is another term used, not to invite other player’s attention but to say that the game has been updated in some years that have passed. Thus, the other terms have come out. But, although several terms appeared in the game, the gameplay is always the same, nothing changed. Here are the Pok Deng rules:

    • The player plays against the dealer.
    • The game starts with 2 cards – one card is faced up.
    • Ask for an extra one card when you like – only one card is allowed.
    • The totals scores are added – use the last digit of the total score. For example, you have cards 5, 15, 25 = 5, 6, 26, 36 = 6. A hand with a higher score is the winner.
  • If the score of the two added cards is added up and it ends with 8 or 9, then declare right away that you win.
  • Paed = 8
  • Gao = 9
  • Pok = it comes from the Jackpot
  • If a player has the same card suit (heart, diamond, club, or spade), it is called Deng, you got the bonus.
    • 2 same picture = double pay
    • 3 same picture = triple pay
  • If cards are in sequences, straight is equals 3 times.
  • If 3 cards have the same number, it is 5 times.
  • If all 3 cards are any of King, Queen, Jack, it is 3 times.

A player can play without a dealer. You can play against the other players. If you are an interested player in the game, then probably you will have a try using the info above.