Having Fun and Earning Money by Playing Casino Roulette

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Playing roulette is a pretty relaxing form of entertainment if you know the rules. There is a less insane pace that occurs in many casino games at w88, and it is fairly easy to play.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy playing roulette.

Firstly, in a casino, roulette is a gamble, the turns of the roulette wheel are absolutely random, and theoretically you can find a table that has some bias due to mechanical failure or wear. Some experts say that a dull dealer can engage in routine so that his moves show some bias, although personally this seems extremely unlikely. If any of the above were really possible, it would still take thousands of turns to analyze any bias in creating the system, so it is unlikely that any financial gain can be achieved.

When you come to the roulette table, you should check a couple of things: firstly, there are several types of roulette wheels, the two main types are American and European wheels. The numbers are slightly different in both, but the main difference is that the American wheel has two zero slots instead of one. This small difference greatly affects your chances of winning: the home advantage (casino advantage) in most bets is approximately 5.26% on the American wheel, but the European advantage is less: 2.7% or even lower in some cases.

Online Sports Gambling

So, if you have a choice, always play on the European wheel, where the chances are much better. If you have never played roulette before, it’s better to watch what is happening for a while; you won’t feel until you are ready to play. Even if the table is empty, seats are reserved for people who play without looking. As a rule, there are different restrictions on each table and minimum bets: just play with those that are most convenient for you. Maximum bets may differ in internal bets (bets in certain numbers) from external bets.

Most bets are quite explanatory, but one thing to keep in mind: if you win, the dealer usually pushes your winnings towards you, but leaves the original bet on the table; if he does nothing, he will repeat the bet. You do not want to do this.


Playing roulette online is probably an easier way to learn all the rules: most casinos have free playgrounds and small tutorials to explain everything. Of course, when you play online, the computer is responsible for spinning the wheel, which is potentially less random than in a real casino.